The Chrissie Cullen Band

Four piece traditional Irish and/or Scottish Ceilidh band. Arthur and Chrissie have now retired from dance gigs. Angie and Brian have gone on to form Kinetic Ceilidh.

Here's an artist's view of the band:MEET THE CHRISSIE CULLEN BAND

Here is a brief introduction to each member of the band going from left to right across the illustration:

BRIAN: As well as playing violin for dance tunes and songs Brian plays banjo and accompanies himself on guitar when singing. Brian has been a semi-professional musician in the folk/traditional music scene for twenty five years now and if pressed he will tell you that he started playing because it meant he could spend Wednesday afternoons in the local girls high school instead of cross country running. He is also involved in the FOLK AND ROOTS SHOW on BBC NORTH local radio as both a presenter and sound producer. Since joining Chrissie he has been converted from a hardened wallflower into an enthusiastic though not yet elegant dancer.

CHRISSIE: Chrissie is the real thing. From Limerick in Ireland originally, Chrissie is steeped in the songs and dances of her homeland. She has a repertoire of songs that is well into three figures, any of which can be sung at the drop of a hat to suit any occasion. In the true Irish tradition her songs are of all types from the music hall of Danny Boy to the most haunting of traditional Irish ballads via an incredible variety of material from England, Scotland and America. She is also the caller for the band, the person who describes the dances for more experienced dancers or teaches the dances in a very simple direct way to newcomers to this kind of dance. It is because of Chrissie's experience and abilities that the band can produce genuine Irish ceilidhs as well as the more usual barn/country dances.

ARTHUR: Arthur is a brilliant accordionist with a lifetime of experience of playing for dances and accompanying his wife Chrissie when she sings. He now plays an accordion with electronic bass and synthesizer options. He is always striving for perfection in his playing, always searching for the best tunes to match each dance and always ready to listen to and admire the work of other top class musicians. Like Chrissie he is known throughout the North of England and beyond as a highly respected musician.

ANGELA: The youngest member of the band, Angela was born with the music in her. She would not readily own up to it but her repertoire of dance tunes and airs probably exceeds that of the band as a whole. A musical perfectionist she plays whistle and flute and being an excellent dancer has a real feel for how the music should be played with bounce and spirit. She is totally in love with music and is continually broadening her experience. Angela's dancing skills have even persuaded Brian's two left feet into demonstrating dances when necessary.


The band have experience of playing every kind of function in every kind of venue being equally at home in the bar of a ferry or in a festival concert playing to hundreds of people, from a dance in a barn to a dance hall like Scarborough Spa, for weddings, birthdays or any kind of celebration. The barn dance or ceilidh format is especially suited to family functions with young and old all joining in and having a great time. Dances of all kinds - some energetic, some gentle, some lively, some romantic. The band always provide their own top quality sound system guaranteed to be only as loud as you want for your enjoyment.