Do you need a P.A. system in East Yorkshire but are not ready to buy?

Why not hire a good quality system, complete with sound man for very reasonable rates!

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Belefant     Records

We have just the thing if you are a solo artiste or band with up to 8 or so musicians thinking of gigs in most size venues.  Ideal for gigs in pubs, village halls, hotels, church halls etc. The sound system can be loud enough for playing into a large hall full of people ceilidh dancing. Equipment by Bose, Crown and Yamaha amongst others. Full monitor sytem also available.

We specialise in roots/folk/celtic music. Mini festivals, gigs, dances, concerts etc.

At the same time for only the extra cost of the media why not have a recording of the gig so that you can review to improve or have it mastered for a demo or even an album release. 

Multi-track digital recordings also available either in our studio in Hull or live in your venue.

Fifteen years experience of live mixes.

Contact Brian 01482 448653

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