Belefant Records:
A small project recording studio in Hull run by Brian Swinton


Live P.A. Hire now available


Phone or fax 01482 448653 or email Brian

Belefant Records is my name for my small home studio and the recorded work I produce in it. Based on my experience gained through 17 years freelance engineering for the BBC (view artists I have recorded) and 33 years as a semi professional musician I have put together quite a selection of kit both analogue and digital. The studio is just about big enough for 4 musicians and is available from time to time at very reasonable rates by negotiation. If you want an odd track or a whole album or some voice work for radio, film etc give me a call.

I firmly believe that simple is best and I resist the temptation of lots of effects, preferring a clean “live” sort of sound.

Equipment includes:

Microphones by AKG, Rode, Shure
Analog mixers by Fostex & Yamaha
Digital recorders by Fostex & Yamaha
Mastering onto 15ips tape, CD, MD or DAT

My own collection of instruments including guitars, bazoukis, citterns, fiddles etc could be available if needed.

Some of my work has made it onto commercial releases
e.g. A version of Alan Hull's "Log on your fire" performed by Lindisfarne on BBC North is on their BT3 album.
Lindisfarne's website